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"Going the Distance" is stressing me out about my life in 10 years

SOOOooooo I know that I’m, like, an English major, and I’m paying majortown (janelle) monaes for said English degree and my parents want me to become a professor or a teacher, but, um, I’m going to be honest for a moment and say that right now, I think being a ModStylist would be a pretty awesome career. First of all, the ModCloth mascot is a pug. Instant points. And I like 99% of their clothes because they are unafraid of color or sparkles or a-line skirts. And from what I can see, a ModStylist job consists primarily of getting dressed up and getting your picture taken by professionals who know how to make you look good, and if you don’t look good, they can edit you to look good. So yeah, a job that focuses around photoshoots, or styling other people in ModCloth clothes. What the whodaisy why the fuck didn’t I major in fucking Design or something?!

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